The World of Psychology Does Not Revolve Around APA

John Caccavale


The continued fiascoes involving the problems at APA clearly is a concern for every psychologist and our patients. The latest issue as outlined in the Hoffman Report gives every reason for concern, anger, disappointment and frustration with an organization that is seen by so many as the voice and face of professional psychology. However, the world that is psychology does not and should not revolve around APA for the conduct of a lax  "meet and greet" governing body and a rogue staff who have expropriated our discipline. Yes, there is much blame to go around and every psychologist who has kept a blind eye to the ongoing and long term shenanigans within APA must also share some blame. Over the years we have all enabled that crew to manipulate us, take our dues money for parties and payoffs and, essentially, to work against practitioner interests. Tens of millions of dues wasted on reports, nonsense publications, golden parachutes and high salaries. Yet, so many of us have continued to pay up every year for the privilege of being shamed, fooled, swindled, lied to and professionally derided. That being said, it is time to look at the good of what professional psychology and its practitioners are all about.


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